Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silikids Winner!


Thank you to everyone who entered!

The winner is

entry number 4!


who said

I'm following you on GFC. I liked Silikids on Facebook user Lisa Garner

and let them know you sent me.

Thank you to all who entered!

More giveaways coming soon!

Love Ya’ll

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silikids Review and Giveaway!!!

I am a mother to an amazing two year old

who thinks he is the biggest boy in the world.
Unfortunately that means he thinks he can

drink out of a regular cup.

I was very hesitant at first to let him drink

out of a "big boy" cup.

I am just super OCD when it comes to him
making a mess with his drinks.
Do you know what milk smells like

when it is spilled on the carpet and you can't get it up?


I have slowly but surely begun to let him

drink out of his "big boy" cup

and was so excited when I found

And so was he!

We got a 6oz glass with a siliskin on it.
The silicone sleeve makes the cup easier to
grip for little hands, especially if it gets

condensation on it.

it keeps the glass from breaking if dropped!


Has anyone ever broken a glass with little

feet in the room!

What a headache!

has so many great products!
They have a jar wrap for baby food jars!

Two of them are only $6.95!

This super cool 8oz bottle , comes with a siliskin!

These super cool things right up there,

are called Silipads!
I wish I had these when my little one was

crawling! It would have saved his knees so

much pain! I always felt so guilty since we had tile,

and our carpet is really hard too.

Heck, I wish I had them so I could crawl around

on the floor and play with him more!

He likes to be chased up and down the hall.

We crawl on our knees and scare him

by hiding behind the corner and then chasing

him some more!

And this fantasticly cool looking thing,
is a

It is dishwasher safe!

I would totally buy a dishwasher just to try it!

Nothing in this store is over $35!

It is all BPA free and absoultely green!

When you are done with your siliskin or any of their products.

Whether they have just been used so much or

whatever reason,

just send it back and they will recycle it for you!

Innovative,Green, and just plain FUN!

What more could you ask for!?


You want a cup with a siliskin?!

You can win one 6oz glass with a silisleeve!


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GOOD LUCK!This is an amazing product and anyone who gets one

is very,very lucky!

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers!

I love each and every one of you and am so

thankful that you found me cool enough to follow!

Love Ya'll!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dang it Prizey!

I just wanted to vent on how frustrated I am about

I have listed a wonderful giveaway for a wonderful

game called Minimonos

and for some reason they keep deleting the post.

I am so upset because of how passionate I am about

this company!

It deserves a ton of people signing up to win it!


Please tell your friends that have children that can

play computer games about

this giveaway!

for every Gold membership that is purchased,

a child in India gets water.

A fun game, with a great cause!

Thank you all so much if you can help!

Love always.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Giveaways!

Giveaways Coming Soon!


Sili Kids


Mabel’s Labels

Boon Inc

Inch Bug

Please! Tell your friends!
The more readers I have the better giveaways

I get to do!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Love ya’ll!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Memory Monday's (#2)

This is a horrible memory,

but I want to share it.

The only to really say it, is to be blunt,

so please be aware that what follows sucked beyond

anything I ever experianced.

I was raped by my boyfriend when I was 19.

At that moment in time, I didn't know I was

being raped.

It took me many years to be convinced that

him hurting me, having sex with me when I didn't

want it, was rape.

About 2 months ago, I was attacked in the bathroom

where I worked.

I had gone to the bar after work and had a drink.

I started talking to a guy and we realized we

had a lot in common.

He bought me another drink and we continued just talking.

I told him it was nice talkin to him but I had to go.

I went to the bathroom and he followed me.

He attacked me,

I finally defended myself when I realized what was

happening, punched him in the ribs, he snapped out of it

and left. He came back in the bathroom not 1 minute later

to say that one of my husband's friends saw him

come out of the women's restroom and told me to,

"Keep your fuckin mouth shut!"

Turned around and left.

I hid in the stall for a minute, making sure I locked it that time.

That is how he got in, I didn't have the stall door locked in all the


I sat there, someone came in and I quietly asked

who it was.

It was the owner's wife.

She asked if I was ok, I said some guy had been in there

and that was it. I didn't confide in her at

that moment. I was still in shock.

I had them walk me to the car and I left.

I broke down in the pickup and went straight to the fire

department and freaked out.

My hubby made me call the owner who was my good friend

at the time.

They didn't believe me.

They said they saw the guy and there just wasn't enough time

for him to be back there.

They didn't see the first 5 or 10 minutes when he first went in the bathroom.

They only saw him come in the second time when he came

back to warn me to keep my mouth shut.

Not 2 weeks later, I lost my job.

First reason I was supposedly causing drama.

Second reason, the owner's wife thought I was trying

to steal her husband away.

Third, the drama I caused was from what they thought

were lies about being attacked.

I am needless to say pissed.

They had the guys phone number and "threatend"

to call him. I said fine, but what person who

attempted rape, would actually admit to doing so.

What bullshit.

They wouldn't give me his number.

They didn't have cameras anywhere in the restaurant or bar,

so there was no way to prove that I was attacked.


I was told not to go to the police.

There wasn't anything they could do.

I want everyone to know,

if you are attacked, go straight to the police.

If they don't believe you find someone that will.

On April 20th is National Denim Day.

Here is the link to find out more.

For some reason I still cannot copy and paste into a blog post.

There you can click on the left and find out about

the men's run in high heels to bring awareness to

women being attacked.

I hope my memory can help someone.

It is the reason I am now going to school to

be an advocate for rape and sexual assault victims.

I love all of you and I pray none of you have

to do go through this.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Are we too self-conscious?

After I took a shower last night I started

to blow dry my hair and I wondered,


Do we all care about what we look like.

If you just said, “I don’t care about what people

think about me!” Then why do you look in the mirror.

We have been raised in a society that has

molded us into thinking we need to look a certain way.

Even when I am having a “scrub” day, I look in the

mirror to make sure my hair isn’t standing on end

and that my face didn’t get too oily over night.

It is almost impossible for me not to see myself in

a mirror because I have them scattered all over

my bathroom.

They are only from the chest up.

I can leave my house feeling like a million bucks,

then go to a store with a full length mirror,

see a roll or something unsightly,

and my mood goes straight down the tube!

I care what people think about me.

I let what they think, make me feel like

crap. That is not fair to me .

I need to be stronger.

That leads me to another question,


Does anyone else have such a problem with

the way they look “Down There” that

they can’t fully relax during oral pleasure,

that they can’t actually enjoy it?

My husband says he loves to do it.

He is kind of new to the whole idea of it,

I guess his ex’s never gave him any pointers.

Why can’t I just lay back and enjoy.

I am always worried that he is tired, or bored or

or that it smells funky!

(Don’t worry I really don’t I just think he won’t like it.)

Oh and I am only self conscience when it comes

to my looks, I don’t give a crap if people

care what I say!

If they don’t like it, they can stop listening.

I have manners, but my opinion is my opinion.

Why can’t I apply that to my looks!?

This all leads to my big question,

How self conscience are we, and how much

does it affect our lives?

Leave a comment or email me


if you aren’t as open as I am!!

Love ya’ll!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Memory Monday's

I am so excited about this hop!

Go to

to find out all about it!

One of my favorite memories is yesterday.

It was my Blayze's 2nd birthday!

I was so stressed out because money didn't

cooperate with us this paycheck and we had no

money to throw him the party we wanted.

I wanted a huge Mickey Clubhouse birthday and so did Blayze!

I stressed myself out to the point of being sick!

I just wanted it to be perfect!

It ended up being just that!

We went to my sister's house and had steak and all

the yummy sides you could think of.

Her 4 kiddos and Blayze got to play outside

in a giant sprinkler they bought.
It was a wonderful Mother's Day lunch.

Then we went to my husband's parent's house

and I was so excited!

My husband's mom had made 2 Mickey Mouse Cakes

that turned out so cute!

Blayze was so excited to see all the Mickey stuff,

napkins, sunglasses, the cakes, and party blowers.

He had so much fun!

I worried for nothing.

Blayze had the most wonderful 2nd birthday I could

have ever asked for!

How is that for a Memory Monday!

Love Ya'll!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Vibes

I found another great website

for fun toys!

You can all go be an affiliate for them as well!!

Just tell them I sent you, please?

Good Vibes

has such great information on

anything and everything you wanted to know about


I know most of you have tried

or still use toys.

Come on, Daddy isn't the only one who needs

some good loving!

Just go to GoodVibes and check out all

they have to offer!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hard Night

My dear followers...

I am going to let my heart out here.

I am having a bad night and I don't know what to do.

I have Fibromyalgia, so I have some good days and

a lot of bad days.

The past week has been mostly bad days.

I take a handful of pills to help stave off the pain.

One pill in particular makes me feel like a human being,

but the downside is that it makes me so tired

I can't wake up in the morning.

That means I can't get up in the morning to take care

of my two year old.

He goes to my in-laws on the night before my husband

does to work, then comes home after my husband

gets off of his 24 hours shift at the fire department.

That is two nights with his grandparents,

and only one night with me.

Half the time he is home I don't really feel

well enough to play and it eats me up.

I hate it that I can't take care of my son.

To top it all off I started school online.
Thank God it is an online college so I can

"attend" when it is convenient.

I have been so incredibly depressed about this I

have done nothing but eat.

Want to know the disgusting truth?

I ate almost an entire box of Fruit Loops, like 8 bowls!

I just can't seem to get full.

It doesn't matter what I eat, I don't get full.

I can't stop eating and I hate it!

I don't know what to do.

I worked my ass off to lose 70 pounds and in the

past two weeks, I have gained 15 back.

I got off the scale the other day and just cried.

My whole life has just been a constant circle of

addiction and recovery.

That's another story.

But right now it is overeating.

I feel like such a failure.

I can't take care of myself let alone my son.

Without my husband, I think I would have myself


Has anyone else ever dealt with this?

Does the pain ever stop, and will

my hunger ever be satisfied.

Maybe me talking about it will make one of you feel better.

I know I can beat this,

I just don't know what there is to really beat.

I just can't stop eating.

I am so embarrassed when my husband comes home

and see all the dirty dishes and all the food that is gone.

I need a break from life.

If only for just a minute.

I pray you all have a safe and healthy life.

If you don't, I am here if you need to talk

because I could really use a friend right now.

Thank you all for being my followers.

Signing in everyday and knowing I have more friends,

it makes my whole day bright.

Goodnight my loves, and hopefully tomorrow's post

will be a little more upbeat.

Don't forget to check out the MiniMonos giveaway!

Love to all of you!


Orabrush Winner!

I am so very dissapointed at the turnout for the Orabrush review

and giveaway.

But, I am excited to announce the winner!!!

Chosen randomly the winner is!!!!!

Congrats to Dena!

Please email me with your contact information

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Thanks to everyone who entered and please be on the look out

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MiniMonos! Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have to start out by saying,

This is my most favorite giveaway so far!

I hope you love it as much as I do!


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The Grand Prize winner will receive a 6 month

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Two runners-up will receive

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I am so excited about this giveaway!

Thank you so much to Andrea and the team at


You are an incredible organization and I wish

you nothing but the best in the future!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babeland- Oh Yea!

I don't know that I have been this excited about a review.


I am kind of a freak in the sheets.

I love to try out new things in the bedroom constantly.

My husband is more reserved than I am,

but he likes to experiment as much as I do.

I live in a small, small town!

And here, there are absolutely no "toy" stores here.

The closest store is an hour and a half away from me

and has a toy selection that only covers a wall ten feet long!

Very disappointing!

I take an antidepressant so having an orgasm

is damn near impossible.

I have never been able to orgasm from just sex alone,

so I love to try out new toys to see if they can

help me along.

It still takes me a little bit of extra effort,

but vibrators definitely help out the journey.

I was thrilled when I found this website

Babe Land has such a wide range of vibrators, dildos,

and toys for the more adventurous ones for anal play.

They have lingerie, S&M accessories,books,DVDs,

and so much more that is just too much to list!

To top it all off, their prices are UNBELIEVABLE!

They have some vibrators starting at just $10!!!

It would cost me at least $20 for that same toy,

plus the gas money to get there!

I truly hope each and everyone of you will go

visit Babe Land. If for nothing else, but to just have a look

around and learn a little more about the amazing world of sex toys!

If you have never tried them before this is the best way to do it!

They have a How-To page that will guide you through how to use a vibrator

all the way up to how to give a blow job!

All I ask is for you to keep your mind open

when viewing their website, you will learn alot

and hopefully be able to try some new things!!

I promise,


There is one more thing I want to add!

If you are worried what your PostMan or neighbors might

think when you get a package from Babe Land in the mail,


Their packaging is very,very discreet!

It is just a plain brown package,

and the name from who it is,

just says,

"Mail Order"

with an address under it.

Nowhere on it does it say anything about what sorts

of fun stuff you ordered!!

Hope you all go check it out!

Their stuff is amazing!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Giveaway!

I am so excited about these giveaways i have found!!

for some reason the link isn't working so just go to

if not try

and check it out!

The artist makes some of the neatest vintage looking jewelry!

I hope you guys will check it out!

It would be a wondderful Mother's Day gift for anyone!

So sorry for all the confusion!

Have wonderful night ladies!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A wonderful blog and even better giveaway!

I just wanted to let everyone in on a little secret,

I hate to give out this kind of intel,I want it all for myself!

is giving away and incredible


I have never won a blog giveaway but, I definately

want to win this one because I could never in a million

years afford to buy one!

So please everyone, go check her out!

She has a great blog!!

Hope you enjoy, if you go tell her I sent you please?

Love ya'll!

Justin Bieber VS. Justin Timberlake!

Oh Lord.

Just typing the title I even realized

they have the same damn name!

The first time I saw Justin Bieber and heard all

the hoopla I thought everyone was insane!
These poor teenage girls are putting all of their

love into a little boy that can kind of sing!

It just blew my mind that this little boy

could make girls fall in love him, with just a wink

and a blown kiss!

Then I realized,

I used to be one of those crazy little girls!

*N SYNC came out the summer I turned 12.

So that was, 12 years ago!

Oh Lord!

The moment my friend Jessica and I saw him

on the television screen, doing a Disney concert,

we started fighting over which of us he, Justin Timberlake, belonged to.

She was prettier than me and of course she got him.

I ended up with JC.

I was still seccretly in love with Justin Timberlake, though!

The love for him stayed even when *N SYNC broke up and

he went solo.

I had everything *N SYNC, lunch box to


Then I had a poster of him on my wall without a shirt on.

If I still had the poster I would probably have it hanging in

my closet.

To this day I am still in love with him and stare at

the TV when he is on it.

The other day I finally realized that I would always be in

love with JT.

He is in my Top 5.

You know if you ever meet them the 5 you can

cheat with.

My husband's number 1 is Carrie Underwood.

So now, I finally understand the Justin Bieber fever.

Because, I had Timberlake fever.

I will continue to make fun of all the people that love

him, but on the inside I will giggle and say,

"OMG, he is like totally hot isn't he!?"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Social Parade Follow on Friday


Its that time of week again!

I love it when so many new people come and check

out my blog!

Remember we all benefit with followers!

The more followers I get the better the giveaways!

I have an Orabrush giveaway going on right now!

I have a Koobli giveaway coming up next Tuesday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Love Ya’ll!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kiss My Face!

The first words out of my mouth when I opened the box?


These soaps smell absolutely incredible!

I was sent Grassy Mint and Pomegranate Acai!

The Grassy Mint is so good. It smells like Green Tea mixed with Mint.

I can't even describe what a fruity sweet smell the Pomegranate has!

Even the packaging is great!

Written all over the bottle are all the

different ways to say Peace!

Better than the smells and packaging

is the mission of Peace Soaps.


They are doing a great job of making it as well.

Peace I mean.

Kiss my Face joined hands with Seeds Of Peace

and their mission?

From their website,

"to help young people from regions of conflict develop

the leadership skills necessary to

advance reconciliation and coexistence."

Please look at the Seeds of Peace website

and see what a wonderful organization it truly is.
When you buy Peace soap, 10% of the profits will go to Seeds Of Peace!

Please buy some today!

For only $9.99 you can get a 17oz bottle of the soap!

These soaps are phenomenal!
They are all natural and have 101 uses!

I have yet to be able to test all of them!!

I used it to wash dishes, or well my husband, used it to wash dishes!

He loved it, and said it got the grease off of all the dishes with ease.

The only thing I didn't like was that the
natural oils inside the soap, I think, made the dishes

have a film on them.

Other than that it did an amazing job!

I used it as a body wash, which I love!

It did the same thing to my skin as it did the dishes,

left my skin with a little oil film on it.

It was great though. It foamed up tremendously even without

all the parabens and phtalates!

I didn't use it as a shampoo because I only use WEN.

But, I did get to use it as a shaving cream.

I had to use a couple more squirts than I thought

I would to make the suds stick to my leg.

I got a smooth shave out of it!

I absolutely love washing my hands with it!

It doesn't dry them out at all, and I love the burst of

fragrance whenever I do. The fragrance

sticks to your hands so you can smell it until the

next time you wash your hands!

This 100% natural Castile soap will knock your socks off,

and clean them too!

I can't wait to try all the uses!

Except for maybe the toothpaste one!

I want everyone to go and visit the Kiss My Face website

and buy some of this soap!

You will be helping out so many people when you do,

and you will smell good while doing it!

Please come back and tell me if you buy some

and let me know of all the different ways you use it!

Thanks to Kiss My Face for the wonderful products that

I received to do the review!

Love Ya'll!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orabrush Review and Giveaway!

The following is a bad attempt at a vlog!

Please be kind!

Enjoy the giveaway!



Must be a follower!

Leave a comment stating you are new or old follower!


Blog about this review so your friends will know!

Leave me the link!

Tweet about it!

Leave me the link!

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Leave a comment!

Grab my button!

Leave me the link!

That is 4 extra entries!

Giveaway Starts today and will end May 3rd!

(Sorry the post is late, I have been really sick!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Blog Hops!

For some reason my blogger won't let me paste.

I don't know how to fix it, so if anyone has any ideas as how

I could put the buttons on my posts, please let me know!

I am doing a few more blog hops today in hopes of getting some new followers!

I always try to follow as many as I can when I participate!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


I will have their buttons on my side bar!

Love ya'll

Friday, April 15, 2011

Social Parade Friday Follow!

I absolutely love doing blog hops!

It is such a fantastic way to meet new friends and

for people to find out all about me and my blog!

Sassy,Sweet,and Chic! is all about

anything and everything that makes a woman happy!

From the top of her head to the tip of her toes,

inside and out!

Well blog hops make me happy!

Here's the one for this week!

I unfortunatly cannot get my clipboard to cut and paste,

but here is the link so you can all join and the

button is on my sidebar!

Love ya'll!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giveaways and Reviews!


Koobli Review and Giveaway

Kiss My Face Review

Orabrush Review and Giveaway

So excited and am working on many more!

Please tell all your friends,

the more followers I have, the better review and giveaways I can bring to you!

Hope everyone has as great a day as I am !

Love ya!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Holy cow,I feel incredible today!

I am so used to having bad days with my Fibromyalgia that when a good day comes around its magnificent!!!

The only bad thing on these "good" days, is that I feel so good I usually over do it and them I am miserable the next couple of days!

You want to know something frustrating?

When I have wonderful days like this, my husband is a whole lot nicer to me!

I asked him why and he told me that it just makes him happy when I feel good and it is easier to be playful and loving.

My response?

I was mad!

I understand his point of view of course, but

my thoughts are if I feel bad why not be nice to me?

Wouldn't that make me feel better instead of him acting super frustrated and upset?

I think so.

He thinks not.

Oh, another thing!

The days that I feel good, are the days he is always tired or just in a mood!!!!

What the crap????

I told him today if he didn't just suck it up and be in a good mood, I was going to make sure I never felt good again.

Well, my son Blayze and he are laying down on the couch about to take a nap.

Today is just such a peaceful, easy day.

I love it when we can just sit around and talk and playI will say goodbye for now!

Hope everyone has as wonderful a day as I am having!

Love ya!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working out sucks

I have never liked working out.


In elementary school I used to get made fun of when I ran so I always got to sit out because I was "sick"!

But now I am almost a quarter of a century old and it's time I start working out. I have a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and I have Fibromyalgia.

I know if I worked out most of the pain would go away because my muscles would be stronger.

I lost nearly 70 pounds all from just taking a little pill for my migraines!!! The only bad thing about that, I didn't work out at all while I was losing my weight so now I have an apron of skin around my belly! And to top it off my boobs deflated! They are enormous yet I can't see my nipples. I can't fix either of those from working out, so it's super discouraging!

I do think I found my saving grace, though!

Just Dance 2!

I do the calorie burning routine, and the hardest one at that. I even try to go above the recommended amount of dancing. I usually end up working out about forty five minutes and don't even realize it!!! How great is that?

I swear by Just Dance 2, now I really want Zumba!!!

I have a question though? Why is it, that I lost 70 pounds and I still feel fat? Is that just a woman thing or is it just me???? Here is a picture...

I guess I just feel really bad about the flap of belly skin!!!

I will look decent before summer, my son is the biggest water baby you will ever meet!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I’m Back!


 It has been quite a while since I have last written. I finally got a new computer, and the internet! Yay, me!

If you will all be patient with me, I am still trying to figure out what my blog style is. I don’t  quite know what to write about yet. I am also starting to contact companies again so I will hopefully have some new giveaways soon!

I am so happy to be back  and to get to talk to you all again!

Lots of love!