Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silikids Review and Giveaway!!!

I am a mother to an amazing two year old

who thinks he is the biggest boy in the world.
Unfortunately that means he thinks he can

drink out of a regular cup.

I was very hesitant at first to let him drink

out of a "big boy" cup.

I am just super OCD when it comes to him
making a mess with his drinks.
Do you know what milk smells like

when it is spilled on the carpet and you can't get it up?


I have slowly but surely begun to let him

drink out of his "big boy" cup

and was so excited when I found

And so was he!

We got a 6oz glass with a siliskin on it.
The silicone sleeve makes the cup easier to
grip for little hands, especially if it gets

condensation on it.

it keeps the glass from breaking if dropped!


Has anyone ever broken a glass with little

feet in the room!

What a headache!

has so many great products!
They have a jar wrap for baby food jars!

Two of them are only $6.95!

This super cool 8oz bottle , comes with a siliskin!

These super cool things right up there,

are called Silipads!
I wish I had these when my little one was

crawling! It would have saved his knees so

much pain! I always felt so guilty since we had tile,

and our carpet is really hard too.

Heck, I wish I had them so I could crawl around

on the floor and play with him more!

He likes to be chased up and down the hall.

We crawl on our knees and scare him

by hiding behind the corner and then chasing

him some more!

And this fantasticly cool looking thing,
is a

It is dishwasher safe!

I would totally buy a dishwasher just to try it!

Nothing in this store is over $35!

It is all BPA free and absoultely green!

When you are done with your siliskin or any of their products.

Whether they have just been used so much or

whatever reason,

just send it back and they will recycle it for you!

Innovative,Green, and just plain FUN!

What more could you ask for!?


You want a cup with a siliskin?!

You can win one 6oz glass with a silisleeve!


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GOOD LUCK!This is an amazing product and anyone who gets one

is very,very lucky!

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers!

I love each and every one of you and am so

thankful that you found me cool enough to follow!

Love Ya'll!!!!