Sunday, May 1, 2011

Justin Bieber VS. Justin Timberlake!

Oh Lord.

Just typing the title I even realized

they have the same damn name!

The first time I saw Justin Bieber and heard all

the hoopla I thought everyone was insane!
These poor teenage girls are putting all of their

love into a little boy that can kind of sing!

It just blew my mind that this little boy

could make girls fall in love him, with just a wink

and a blown kiss!

Then I realized,

I used to be one of those crazy little girls!

*N SYNC came out the summer I turned 12.

So that was, 12 years ago!

Oh Lord!

The moment my friend Jessica and I saw him

on the television screen, doing a Disney concert,

we started fighting over which of us he, Justin Timberlake, belonged to.

She was prettier than me and of course she got him.

I ended up with JC.

I was still seccretly in love with Justin Timberlake, though!

The love for him stayed even when *N SYNC broke up and

he went solo.

I had everything *N SYNC, lunch box to


Then I had a poster of him on my wall without a shirt on.

If I still had the poster I would probably have it hanging in

my closet.

To this day I am still in love with him and stare at

the TV when he is on it.

The other day I finally realized that I would always be in

love with JT.

He is in my Top 5.

You know if you ever meet them the 5 you can

cheat with.

My husband's number 1 is Carrie Underwood.

So now, I finally understand the Justin Bieber fever.

Because, I had Timberlake fever.

I will continue to make fun of all the people that love

him, but on the inside I will giggle and say,

"OMG, he is like totally hot isn't he!?"

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  1. Hello,

    I am following back. Thanks so much for the nice comment you left on my blog. I read your post about Justin Beiber. Too cute and funny. I teach middle and high school students, I observe what the girls go through , it is just a normal phase all teens must experience. Thanks for sharing.
    Children's Picture Book Author
    Nicole Weaver


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