Friday, May 13, 2011

Are we too self-conscious?

After I took a shower last night I started

to blow dry my hair and I wondered,


Do we all care about what we look like.

If you just said, “I don’t care about what people

think about me!” Then why do you look in the mirror.

We have been raised in a society that has

molded us into thinking we need to look a certain way.

Even when I am having a “scrub” day, I look in the

mirror to make sure my hair isn’t standing on end

and that my face didn’t get too oily over night.

It is almost impossible for me not to see myself in

a mirror because I have them scattered all over

my bathroom.

They are only from the chest up.

I can leave my house feeling like a million bucks,

then go to a store with a full length mirror,

see a roll or something unsightly,

and my mood goes straight down the tube!

I care what people think about me.

I let what they think, make me feel like

crap. That is not fair to me .

I need to be stronger.

That leads me to another question,


Does anyone else have such a problem with

the way they look “Down There” that

they can’t fully relax during oral pleasure,

that they can’t actually enjoy it?

My husband says he loves to do it.

He is kind of new to the whole idea of it,

I guess his ex’s never gave him any pointers.

Why can’t I just lay back and enjoy.

I am always worried that he is tired, or bored or

or that it smells funky!

(Don’t worry I really don’t I just think he won’t like it.)

Oh and I am only self conscience when it comes

to my looks, I don’t give a crap if people

care what I say!

If they don’t like it, they can stop listening.

I have manners, but my opinion is my opinion.

Why can’t I apply that to my looks!?

This all leads to my big question,

How self conscience are we, and how much

does it affect our lives?

Leave a comment or email me


if you aren’t as open as I am!!

Love ya’ll!


  1. Women have been conditioned by all those scrawny Victoria's Secret models to think that if we don't look like them, we are worthless. We need to get over that. I am better than I was at going out without make up and dressed comfortably.

    As for the other 'mature' question, try to focus on what you are experiencing. Take slow, deep breaths, like you are meditating. In other words, don't think so much. That helps!

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  4. I have noticed that when you really like something about yourself, whether it's your hair or your nose or something you have created or done, then it doesn't matter if other people don't like it. But if you are uncertain about certain aspects about yourself or your life, then the opinion of others becomes that much more important.

    Found you through the Weekend Blog Hop, by the way, and am now following you on GFC ;-) Have a lucky weekend!


  5. I always have to take a look in the mirror before heading out even it it's just a lazy day :\ I pretty much won't leave the house without makeup. lol.

    and I'm a new follower from the weekend blog hop :)

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