Friday, April 22, 2011

Kiss My Face!

The first words out of my mouth when I opened the box?


These soaps smell absolutely incredible!

I was sent Grassy Mint and Pomegranate Acai!

The Grassy Mint is so good. It smells like Green Tea mixed with Mint.

I can't even describe what a fruity sweet smell the Pomegranate has!

Even the packaging is great!

Written all over the bottle are all the

different ways to say Peace!

Better than the smells and packaging

is the mission of Peace Soaps.


They are doing a great job of making it as well.

Peace I mean.

Kiss my Face joined hands with Seeds Of Peace

and their mission?

From their website,

"to help young people from regions of conflict develop

the leadership skills necessary to

advance reconciliation and coexistence."

Please look at the Seeds of Peace website

and see what a wonderful organization it truly is.
When you buy Peace soap, 10% of the profits will go to Seeds Of Peace!

Please buy some today!

For only $9.99 you can get a 17oz bottle of the soap!

These soaps are phenomenal!
They are all natural and have 101 uses!

I have yet to be able to test all of them!!

I used it to wash dishes, or well my husband, used it to wash dishes!

He loved it, and said it got the grease off of all the dishes with ease.

The only thing I didn't like was that the
natural oils inside the soap, I think, made the dishes

have a film on them.

Other than that it did an amazing job!

I used it as a body wash, which I love!

It did the same thing to my skin as it did the dishes,

left my skin with a little oil film on it.

It was great though. It foamed up tremendously even without

all the parabens and phtalates!

I didn't use it as a shampoo because I only use WEN.

But, I did get to use it as a shaving cream.

I had to use a couple more squirts than I thought

I would to make the suds stick to my leg.

I got a smooth shave out of it!

I absolutely love washing my hands with it!

It doesn't dry them out at all, and I love the burst of

fragrance whenever I do. The fragrance

sticks to your hands so you can smell it until the

next time you wash your hands!

This 100% natural Castile soap will knock your socks off,

and clean them too!

I can't wait to try all the uses!

Except for maybe the toothpaste one!

I want everyone to go and visit the Kiss My Face website

and buy some of this soap!

You will be helping out so many people when you do,

and you will smell good while doing it!

Please come back and tell me if you buy some

and let me know of all the different ways you use it!

Thanks to Kiss My Face for the wonderful products that

I received to do the review!

Love Ya'll!

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  1. What a fabulous name = kiss my face.

    I just love beauty products too.

    btw- thanks 4 dropping by
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