Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working out sucks

I have never liked working out.


In elementary school I used to get made fun of when I ran so I always got to sit out because I was "sick"!

But now I am almost a quarter of a century old and it's time I start working out. I have a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and I have Fibromyalgia.

I know if I worked out most of the pain would go away because my muscles would be stronger.

I lost nearly 70 pounds all from just taking a little pill for my migraines!!! The only bad thing about that, I didn't work out at all while I was losing my weight so now I have an apron of skin around my belly! And to top it off my boobs deflated! They are enormous yet I can't see my nipples. I can't fix either of those from working out, so it's super discouraging!

I do think I found my saving grace, though!

Just Dance 2!

I do the calorie burning routine, and the hardest one at that. I even try to go above the recommended amount of dancing. I usually end up working out about forty five minutes and don't even realize it!!! How great is that?

I swear by Just Dance 2, now I really want Zumba!!!

I have a question though? Why is it, that I lost 70 pounds and I still feel fat? Is that just a woman thing or is it just me???? Here is a picture...

I guess I just feel really bad about the flap of belly skin!!!

I will look decent before summer, my son is the biggest water baby you will ever meet!!!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for following over at Flip Flop Reviews. Yay for Double Duty Divas!! :)

    I hate working out too...I really want to try Just Dance. It looks like so much fun. I have a belly skin issue too... my daughters were just under 10 and just under 11 pounds each and no amount of working out is going to take that extra skin away. It's a little bit better after a few years but I think it might be as "nice" as it's going to get at this point.

  2. Lol thanks so much Danielle!!! You brightened my day! I guess its just the times when I am in my underwear that it gets me really down! My son was a month early and only 6.9lbs but I gained 40lbs!!! Yuck!
    I am so excited to be a Diva!!!

  3. Hey gorgeous! I am following you now :]. Seriously reading the first part about being sick for gym yup that was me. I had boobs in like 5th grade it made school TORTURE. Especially gym class was cruel and unusual punishment. Congratulations on the weight loss you look absolutely stunning! I have been considering a dance workout but wasnt sure if I should get one or not.


  4. Oh, you look just fine! We always ourselves don't we?
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Erica! Thanks so much! Thanks to you as well Sista!!!
    Erica I have done the Just Dance 2 workout on the hardest setting, it takes 45 minutes or so and it gets my blood pumping and makes me sweat so I know it's doing something! You should most def. try it! So fun you don't realize you are excercising! Good Luck!!! And thanks for reading my blog!!! Tell your friends! I am starting giveaways very soon!!!

  6. We have the Dance game for the Kinect and I haven't even tried it yet!! I've thought about it, I've watched my kids do it, I've even walked in the living room intending to try it and haven't. Working out is something I can not stand but as I get older I notice it is something I will HAVE to incorporate into my life whether I like it or not. :/ boo.
    I'm a new follower from Flip Flop hop.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. A have fibromyalgia too. And I HATE working out, though I know I need to. I am too lazy. I think you look great though!


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