Monday, May 9, 2011

Memory Monday's

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One of my favorite memories is yesterday.

It was my Blayze's 2nd birthday!

I was so stressed out because money didn't

cooperate with us this paycheck and we had no

money to throw him the party we wanted.

I wanted a huge Mickey Clubhouse birthday and so did Blayze!

I stressed myself out to the point of being sick!

I just wanted it to be perfect!

It ended up being just that!

We went to my sister's house and had steak and all

the yummy sides you could think of.

Her 4 kiddos and Blayze got to play outside

in a giant sprinkler they bought.
It was a wonderful Mother's Day lunch.

Then we went to my husband's parent's house

and I was so excited!

My husband's mom had made 2 Mickey Mouse Cakes

that turned out so cute!

Blayze was so excited to see all the Mickey stuff,

napkins, sunglasses, the cakes, and party blowers.

He had so much fun!

I worried for nothing.

Blayze had the most wonderful 2nd birthday I could

have ever asked for!

How is that for a Memory Monday!

Love Ya'll!

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