About Me!

 I am a very lucky young woman! My husband loves me more than I could ever imagine. We met over the phone when I was a dispatcher for the sheriff's department and called him to tell him there was a fire. He is the fire marshal!
We now have a handsome one year old, future firefighter in the making and he sure gives us a run for our money! He loves to play the piano and listen to music! He always dances and claps along, especially when we are in the pickup on trips! He is a daddy's boy through and through! But, he has me wrapped around his finger! 
My dream is to become an esthetician one day, but there really isn't need for one in my small town. So for right now, I am staying home with my little man!
Hopefully, then we can move to a big town and I can become a famous makeup artist and have an organic makeup line!
A small town girl can dream! Can't I?
Enjoy my blog!