Monday, August 2, 2010

What Makes a Woman Happy?

I started this blog so that I could write about what makes me happy. I guess it is a good thing there are so many days in a year, because I could honestly go on for days!
Then again, if I decided to write about what makes me sad, or mad, I could on for the same amount of time.
I wanted to make this blog so that I could bring together many types of woman, or men I guess if they really want to read it, so I could find out what makes them feel good about themselves.
I suppose that this is my mission statement.

Sassy, Sweet, and Chic is dedicated to finding out the many different ways a woman can make herself feel incredible! From the top of her head, to the bottom of her feet, inside out! Whether that be attaining knowledge, or learning beauty secrets and applying them. Do you feel great when you make your family smile?
I want to know, what makes your heart feel good?

So far I have covered, Barley and Birch. They are an incredible organic children's clothing line! They sell their clothes in boutique's and online stores and have a great little blog!
I know when my son, Blayze dresses so cute I feel like a million bucks! I know that I am a good mom no matter what! But, when people are always telling me that he is adorable, I mean come on! That boosts my ego just a little!

Then, I covered Orglamix. Cheri runs this fantastic little, or should I say huge- ever growing Etsy store! Make-up will be on here as much as possible, because it always makes me happy when I look beautiful! Whether it is just a little bit here or there or a full makeover. I truly am in love with it.I have a terrible obsession with make-up and dream to one day be a make-up artist. Until then I am on a mission to find makeup that I can't live without, like her! Please make sure you look her up!

So please, if you could send me some ideas for future topics! I swear that I have ADD, no offense to anyone out there, I think I really do. I have a mind that is everywhere and sometimes can't concentrate on one little thing. I have so many dreams. I still say, when I grow up I wanna be a...
And it has yet to happen, but hey I am only in my twenties... I have so much more life ahead of me!

So, here is to the future of my blog and to all of you that will join me on this wonderful adventure into the deep depths of a woman's soul.



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