Sunday, August 8, 2010

Star Shine Company Review

  I was watching a show one day and it had Dolly Parton on it, and the host said " You always smell so good!" It got me to thinking... What does Dolly smell like?

Why do we always buy the mass marketed  perfumes that are at the stores and end up smelling like each other?
Yes, I do have two or three favorites.
 But, I even mix and match those so as not to smell like the next girl. I just have never wanted to smell like one of my husband's ex's or vice versa!
Everyone one of us are like that. We all associate certain memories with certain smells.I am just one of those people that has a nose for scents, though.

I am sure at least one of you remember sitting on your dad's lap when you were little and could remember the smell of Old Spice, and now everytime you get a little whiff of it, it brings back a certain childhood memory.
I also avoid certain smells like the plague, because they bring back bad memories!

 I love the smell of a deer horn that someone has grinded for a knife. It reminds me of my Paw-Paw that passed away. He always smelled like them.
 Apple cinnamon, oranges, and cloves smell like my mom's house at Christmas. She leaves a pot of them boiling on the stove when there is company.
Oh, I absolutely can't get enough of it when my husband comes home from a fire. The smell of the wood from a house or the trees that had burned that have been meshed into his clothing and skin. He just smells phenomenal, and I can't get enough of him.   

I am always asking my husband, "What does that smell like?", when there is a fabulous, familiar scent wafting through the air. If I can't figure it out, it always frustrates me.

I had a favorite store I used to shop in when I lived in Phoenix and then it shut down! I was so sad! Then one day a wonderful little company added me while I was doing a giveaway.
They were just like that company I had been searching for!

They sell the most amazing perfume oils in the world!
I ordered 3 sample viles to start out, seeing as how I couldn't just stand there for an hour smelling all of them.
They have 500 scents!
I ordered Orchid, Cherry Blossom, and Awapuhi Seaberry.
To die for. 
I am not so crazy about the Cherry Blossom only because it is such a delicate fragrance. It doesn't pop like the other two.
I absolutely adore the Orchid and Awapuhi Seaberry!
The Orchid has this amazing spice to it, that I cannot get over!
 The Awapuhi Seaberry is just bursting with the scent of the tropical islands calling you to take a vacation.
The oil's are so much better than any perfume I have ever worn. I say that because the essential oil sticks to your skin and allows the fragrance to do so also! Not like a mist from your perfume bottle, that is going to dissapear half way through the day. You are going to use so much less of this oil and it cost's a fraction of the price, allowing you to try so many more fragrances! The samples are 1/16 of an ounce only for about two dollars! You put a dab of oil on all your pulse points so the heat of your body will let the natural fragrance escape when you are at your best. ;) Your neck, your wrists, and just behind your knees are my faves...
I urge you all to go have a look! They have hand dipped incense sticks, incense cones, the perfume oils, mineral makeup, and lip balm!
Their website is
and they have links for everything else there!

I did not receive any compensation for this review. Any and all opinions in this review are expressly my own. I bought all product mentioned in this review on my own.

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