Monday, July 5, 2010

An Independance Day Anniversary!

How are we to ever know that it is this, or that day that will forever change our lives?
I can tell you what day it was that now, looking back, that changed mine forever.
It was July 4th, 2007.
It was so incredibly humid that night. What am I saying? Every summer night in Texas is humid!
My boss Sheryl, quickly became my friend so I was invited to her family's 4th of July get together. She told me Tommy might show up, that he always does because being the Fire Marshal he has to keep everyone "in line". Her dad owns a fireworks stand.
The whole night I was there, eating homemade ice cream, bouncing my leg up and down, just waiting for him to show up.
 Then he did.
 I had spoken to him on the phone, on numerous occasions, me being the dispatcher, him being the fireman.
It was just this time, I was so nervous. So, something I can't even explain.
He got out of his pick-up and walked over to everyone and said hello. The entire time I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was doing flip flops!
Every time he walked by me, I would catch a whiff of him, and it started the process all over again.
I honestly can't tell you most of the stuff we even talked about that night.

I do know he was trying to act like Joe cool with his new cell phone showing off his funny ring tones.
I laughed nervously and I am sure I was beet red, thank goodness for the heat! 

We didn't even exchange numbers that night.
I had to leave early so I could get ready for work by midnight.

Who knew that, that meeting would be the reason for him to call me a few weeks later to go out?
To fall in love.
To get married.
To have a baby.

I never expected that gorgeous fireman with the wrangler butt to actually love me! 
Now every 4th of July, we thank Sheryl for introducing us while we watch the fireworks and eat her mom's amazing homemade ice cream.

Never take for granted a passing glance that makes your heart flutter, it might just be greater powers at work giving you a hint to get after it!!!!
We sure did!

How sweet it is to be loved by you... 

Oh and you my little firecracker!
Such a silly little boy!
He had such a great time watching the fire works that the guys were setting off!
I sadly had to go home early due to a migraine! It made me so sad! Tommy said he was just dancing around and having the time of his life!
I can't wait to see what next year brings!
Love you boys so much!
Happy 4th to all!

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