Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You make me feel.

My Handsome Husband, is my life. The 4th of July post roused up something in me that I had forgotten about and I am ready to feel it again.
 He is amazing.
He is my hero.
He is the one that runs into the fires while everyone else run out.
He grabs the chainsaw and sits on top of the burning building venting a hole, all the while knowing that at any moment the roof could cave in.
 Every third day he goes to work for 24 hours and then comes home, and I am always so happy to see him, even if I am frustrated because the baby didn't sleep and I am so tired.
I know I should be more patient with him because I don't know what happened that night at work unless he pages. He sleeps with the radio on all night and barely gets any sleep. Then he comes home the next day and gets to work mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, or even off to another job!
I take him for granted sometimes and I could kick myself.
He crawls into bed late that night, worn out after another hard day. Kisses me, tells me he loves,
and then he starts to snore!
So I punch him in the arm, make him roll over, I hold him, I kiss his bare shoulder and whisper in his ear all the things I didn't get to say that day...

"Tommy, thank you. Thank you for working so hard to make the money that pays our bills. For fixing our leaking roof. For buying our food. For playing with our son.
Thank you for putting up with my nagging when I am frustrated with you. Then loving me when I say I am sorry."
You take care of me when I am sick.
You are so spontaneous!
You make me laugh so hard sometimes I can't breathe.
And yet you love me so much sometimes, you take my breath away.
You are my Handsome Husband.
You are my Sexy Fireman.
You are my Hero.
My one true love.
You are my Always and Forever.
I am everything and nothing without you.
Thank you.
You are one of the best things that makes me feel good about being a woman and I don't know how I will ever repay you.
Love you that much...

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