Monday, July 26, 2010

Just to clarify...

 I am not saying that all of my wonderful readers do this!
I do however want to clarify my blog rules!
If you don't like them, you don't have to play along.
I however love that these companies are working with me and are giving away FREE products to you girls or boys;)!
It is your right not to write a blog and just have one there so you can follow me and enter these giveaways! I am not saying I like it, because I LOVE to read my followers blogs!
Just please...
First and foremost you are required to follow my blog.
If are already a follower just let me know!
That is only fair don't you think?
 I am doing the giveaways...
You will also usually have to go to the manufacturer's website and then return to mine to tell me what product(s) you liked on their page.
Those are the very first rule...
If you do not do those, your comment will be deleted.
I'm sorry, this is the only time I will apologize.
It isn't fair to my other readers who followed the rules.
The other rules aren't rules really, just extra credit to win!
They will change with each giveaway, so I ask that you read my blog each time and pay attention. I might change things up on you!

Thank you!

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  1. I have dealt with those that hate all the "extras" and think they are required. Sorry you got nasty emails.

    BTW- I'm following from one of the Tuesday Followers groups and would love a follow back. :)



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