Monday, June 14, 2010

Chico Bag Review

Oh how much I love my Chico Bags!

Aren't they delicious?
 Chico Bags have seriously saved my life!
At this point in time I personally own a Vintage and a Vita Chico Bag and the Produce Stand collection.

The Vintage is an adorable brown polka dot polyester with a 97% recycled aluminum carabiner to hook onto you!
One of the most INCREDIBLE things about this bag????
It holds up to 40lbs of weight! My son weighs 22lbs and a gallon of milk weighs approximately 7lbs! They could both fit with room to spare! What a deal! Plus it is only $8.99!

I also have the purple Vita Chico Bag! It can scrunch down to 3.5" x 5" from a 19" x 15.5" bag!
It also holds 40 lbs!

I have already used the heck outta these things! I keep them right by my front door so I don't forget them!
One bag holds as much stuff as five Target bags! For me at least! Definitely impressive!
Everywhere I go people compliment me on them, and if they don't I tell them what they are and demonstrate how they work! I show them how they stuff into little pouches!
 Even my husband thought they were great!

I have one packed right now, sitting by my front door as a tornado bag as a matter of fact!
 (Big storms are brewing in Central Texas)
You can never be too ready!
 Thank you Becca, You are an amazing lady! You never cease to amazing me!
 Chico Bags are a must have accessory for every season! You can always find one to match any outfit!
Go check out their new, Produce Stand line!
Oh, did I mention they are earth friendly????

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